Tracking | Alerts | Citations

Keeping it Safe

With a comprehensive compliance program in place, the next logical step is to utilize this captured and organized knowledge base. Tap into this wealth of data to track and enforce compliance and promote safety. Built in violations and citations assist in making offenders accountable directly on site via their mobile device.

Log Activity

Easily capture essential data for all types of activities to track and manage. NOAA enabled to capture weather and tides for insurance and legal reporting. If you manage it, we can track it.


Share your knowledge across your organization or nearby locations with simple alerts. These alerts will show in a prominent area in your dashboard and will show if you have read them or not. Spread the news securely.

Capture & Track

Industry standard or custom forms capture all types of data and images to manage the safety and maintenance of your organization. Built in versioning tracks changes over the life of the event.

Violations & Citations

Log violations or safety related issues as they happen via your mobile device. Intelligent lookups quickly find information to populate your forms. Enabling billing will generate any applicable charge for quick billing and electronic payments.