Lynxlog LLC

About Lynxlog

RecReator Powered by Lynxlog manages all aspects of Compliance, Safety and Intelligence.


Permits | Licenses | Stickers & Tags
Ensure compliance by issuing permits, licenses, stickers, tags and all types of instruments to manage all aspects of your business. Easily track and take payments in person or remotely via the cloud.


Tracking | Alerts | Citations
Track and share information across your organization to exchange knowledge and promote safety and security. Expand your alerts to other local and state agencies to elevate your visibility and to securely share information with the appropriate parties.


Shared Knowledge | Team Collaboration | Proven Experts
RecReator is not another “invoicing” or “reservation” only application. It was built from the ground up with industry experts to include essential tools and intelligence to manage your business. Leveraging just shy of a decade of battle tested use, we have developed industry best practices through collaboration and shared knowledge among field leaders. Let us be part of your team.

Why choose RecReator Powered by Lynxlog over your alternatives?

We are chosen over all others when; customer service, return on your investment, and end-user experience are the primary selection criteria. In addition, our customers speak highly of our support team’s accessibility, responsiveness and our product’s flexibility.

What services do you offer?

We provide nearly all types of municipal permitting and licensing. Our offerings range from simple transactional types e.g. dog licensing, parking, outdoor burning, camping, yard sales, town moorings, and more. Up to multi-step building permits with follow-up inspections, public events, interactive applications. such as dog licensing, parking, moorings, and more. In addition, we provide multi-step licensing applications such as building permits , liquor license applications, etc. We are known for permitting requirements.

How much is this going to cost us?

The investment in RecReator Powered by Lynxlog breaks down into three components:
  • Software as a Service (SaaS) Annual License Fee - this is the intelligence hub of RecReator that manages financials, compliance, correspondence, analytics, and reporting.
  • License & Permit Transaction Volume - our transaction fee is calculated on a per permit or license basis. Municipalities can choose to have the end-customers pay these fees as a convenience fee (our experience has shown that they are more than happy to pay what is typically $2.00 for the convenience of completing the transaction online), or the town can simply contract directly with us for payment. Pricing is typically 2% of the permit license price with minimum fee of $2.00 and maximum fee of $15.00.
  • Support - Our guidance, alignment, and dedication to your success truly sets RecReator apart from our most formidable competitors. To address the broad and varying requirements represented across our municipal client-base, Lynxlog offers 3 tiers of discounted support blocks at 10, 20, and 40 hours. It’s also worth noting that our SaaS License Fee comes with 3 hours of support built in, which is often adequate for municipalities who move into their 2nd year and beyond.
Please contact us for a quotation to see for yourself how a small investment can dramatically improve your town’s efficiency!

What type of support can you provide us?

Our knowledge base on permitting and licensing continues to build by delivering customer-friendly solutions throughout the New England and Mid-Atlantic regions. Our Support team utilizes this knowledge base in a range of activities from day-to-day help desk support and training to implementing best-practices to developing a flexible information system and reporting tools. Our Support Team helps each municipality further their mission and ours by constantly. improving overall safety, compliance, and intelligence.

How many license & permit types does RecReator support?

RecReator has grown the number of license & permit types we support to 41 across the recreation, lifestyle, and marine sectors intentionally serve.

Is RecReator Powered by Lynxlog overkill if I only have a need for one or two license or permit types?

Absolutely not. We have dozens of clients who started with one license or permit type. Some turn to us to meet an immediate demand, while others evaluate the strength of the platform with one license or permit type before rolling out across multiple departments.

Where did the name Lynxlog come from?

As our success grew in harbor permitting and administration known at that time as Mooringinfo, LLC we were asked by municipalities to expand into more generalized permitting for their needs. These cities and towns requested our administrative and financial tools be applied across all of their permitting and licensing needs. The name change to Lynxlog, LLC was principally driven by our customers and matched our expansion into a much broader offering of permits and licenses.

What are the basic differences between RecReator’s payment system and others like OpenGov, City Hall Systems, Unipay and others?

The only commonality between RecReator and these others is that we make it simple for the end user to make a payment on-line. Where we differ is Lynxlog permitting has all the tools to create permits, request uploads for missing information and broad communication functionality with your customers. We are much more than billing and make it easier for your customers to stay in compliance with the appropriate permitting. You do not need to upload spreadsheets to a billing processor, it is all built in and always up to date.