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Managing Compliance

Let’s face it, compliance is not glamorous however it is extremely important. Enforcing regulations and maintaining order helps everyone in your communities. Creating easy access to permit applications and renewals lowers the burden of this mundane task and streamlines the day to day operations of the administrators. Who knows, it might actually be enjoyable.

Stunning Output

Easily produce various types of permits and communications for your customers. Using intelligent merge codes you can customize each output to each party using individual user's data.

Quick Entry

Using intelligent forms users can quickly and efficiently enter data to capture events or information. Built in lookup tools helps streamline input.

Comprehensive Charting

View your data visually on a Google Map. Custom color markers makes it easy to see issues and trends. Click on a marker and explore all types of information about that subject.

Interactive Reporting

No longer are reports just a static snapshot of your data. Use our interactive reports to search, filter, organize and target trends and important information. Memorize reports for easy retrieval as well as utilize powerful export options for printing and analyzing.

Easy Apply for Permit

Allow your customers to easily apply for permits and licenses with the ability to upload important, required information.

Electronic Payments

Easily accept credit card or electronic check payments for permits that are ready to be purchased. No need to come into the office or mail a check (although these are still available to those who enjoy extra work).


No Need to have your customers manage more username and passwords. Using our unique, secure personal login links (a.k.a Lynxlog-ins) your users can quickly access their accounts via a hyperlink or QR code.