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The Right Sized Solution

Finding the right combined permitting, licensing & payment system can be overwhelming. There are many options with both Pros and Cons. While it’s tempting to focus on the largest most publicised mega-tropolis systems, you first need to research what’s available that addresses your specific needs & goals.

We suggest Lynxlog permitting and licensing is “Right-Sized” for mid-sized to smaller cities and towns.

APPLY | A Brief Informative Demo


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Permits | Licenses | Stickers & Tags

Ensure compliance by issuing permits, licenses, stickers, tags and all types of instruments to manage all aspects of your business. Patrons apply for permits from their desktop or mobile device.

Online Payments

Credit Card | Electronic Check | Terminal

Easily send payment requests for secure, online payments. Clean customizable invoices to clearly display purchased items and payment history. Track all aspects of the transactions from start to finish.


Reporting | Data Mining | Exports

Lynxlog is not another “invoicing” or “reservation” only application. It was built from the ground up with industry experts to include essential tools and intelligence to manage your business. Leveraging just shy of a decade of battle tested use, we have developed industry best practices through collaboration and shared knowledge among field leaders. Let us be part of your team.

About Lynxlog

Lynxlog is a fast growing, multi-tenant SaaS software for permitting, licensing, and enforcement for compliance and safety. Purposely built for local, state governments and private clubs, Lynxlog provides next-generation permitting for forward-thinking organizations. Our all-in-one cloud platform offers a seamless, user-friendly experience for public applicants, fully integrated with powerful workflow automation and communication tools for department staff

Lynxlog serves many towns, cities, counties, and state agencies of all sizes in the North East and maintains a high customer retention rate over our 10 years of service.

If you can't measure it, you can't improve it
— Peter Drucker —

Who Uses our Intelligent Platform

The power of our intelligent platform allows departments to “plug in” and use common functionality unifying once disparate data maintenance while utilizing department specific functionality.


  • Pet Permitting

    Pet Permitting
    Renewal Requests
    Rabies Inoculation Tracking
    Invoicing | Electronic Billing
    Bulk Email Renewal Requests
    Pet Owner Education
  • Animal Control

    Alerts | Warnings
    Invoicing | Electronic Billing
    Customer Education
  • Town Clerks

    Building Permits
    Yard Sale Permits
    Burn Permits
    Other Permit Requirements
    Invoicing | Electronic Billing
    Regulations & Education
  • Private Clubs

    Initiation Fees
    Facility Fees
    Wait Lists
    Club Rules & Regulations
  • Natural Resources

    Shellfish License
    Beach Stickers
    Parking Passes
    Trailer Parking
    Ramp Passes
    Kayak Rack Permits
    Overnight Camping Permits
    Sale items (Rakes,Buckets,etc)
    Invoicing | Electronic Billing
    Customer Education
  • Harbormasters

    Vessel Permitting
    Wait List Management
    Transient Booking
    Weather Tides | Pump Outs
    Incidents | Citations
    Equipment Maintenance
    Invoicing | Electronic Billing
    Mariner Education
  • Permits | Licenses | Tags | Stickers

    If you need to track any aspect of your business it can easily be added to our growing permit types on our secure platform.

Personal Login Links


A short video demonstrating how easy it is for your customers to sign into your system. No need to manage usernames and passwords for another site (although we also offer that too).

Apply for A permit


This video demonstrates how your customers can easily View, Renew or apply for a New permit once they are logged into their account.

Geocoding Made Simple


Easily convert list based reports into intelligent maps with a click of a button.

Snapshot of our Growing List of Satisfied Customers

-- Timothy Mills --
Newport RI

The Log has enabled our Department to rise to a new level. On the Patrol side, our Marine Units are experiencing a refined, updated and error free reporting tool, and our Management Team is experiencing a more accurate and concise finished product.

-- Anonymous --
Director of Natural Resources
MA Town

I'm impressed with the efficiencies gained in day-to-day use of this system linking all of our Animal Welfare; Incidents, Enforcement, and Calls to Service directly to our dog licensing information. With this one platform we manage other Natural Resources and Park's requirements that includes issuing; camping, shellfish, and over-sand vehicle permits. On the operations side, we make heavy use of their Alerts system, employee log and equipment log.

-- Tom Lochtefeld --
Darien Boat Club
Darien CT

I am impressed with the speed of your system. Rarely do I encounter any delays when uploading documents or searching the membership population which has been a problem in the past. The fact that we have running statements for each member is also helpful to keep track of ongoing balances which don't get lost anymore. Your custom financial reporting allows us to keep on top of who owes what, and when they were last contacted.

-- Jim Velonis --
Newbury MA

I am a stout believer that LynxLog not only have the “best bang for the buck” in the industry but that your customer service department are the most attentive I have ever dealt with in any industry I have worked in.

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info@lynxlog.com | 781.561.2199
150 Longwater Drive, Suite 203 Norwell, MA 02061